Germination of Dionaea muscipula seeds

Protocol entry #298 (revised on: 2019-05-29 09:14)


Seeds were placed on a modified MS Medium after sterilization to induce germination:
Medium formulation
Based on Murashige & Skoog Medium with the following modification:
-MS Medium: 33 % strength (all components)
-Sucrose: 30 g/L
-Gellan (Gelrite): 2 g/l
-pH: 5.5
Culture Parameters
-25 ml Medium in a in a petri dish (15×90 mm), each 25 seeds
-cool-white fluorescent light (30 μmol m−2s−1)
-16/8-h light/dark photoperiod
-incubation at 24 – 26 °C
A germination rate of 75 % within 10–15 days has been reported.

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