General informations

About this project

The phytoneers database is dedicated to collect informations in plant biotechnology and building a platform for international collaboration.

Site structure / elements

  • Community
    The site offers forum function, which allows direct information exchange with other users
  • Methods
    Very general informations about specific methods. Typically does not has parameters included (in contrast to protocols).
  • Protocols
    Procedure description and list-up of critical parameters. Allow establishment of e.g. tissue culture, typically based on empirical data and connected with plant species on which positive results have been reported (negative results may be part of reviews)
  • Reviews
    Sum-up of informations and / or data, e.g. a summary of available protocols for a specific technique
  • Reagents
    Lists up chemicals which are commonly used in plant biotechnology applications
  • References
    Informations in this database should be verified by citation, therefore it contains a dataset of references which allows a direct linking to the source